Episode 15

Published on:

6th Nov 2020

Living The Nomadic Mindset - With Kevin Cottam, Author of The Nomadic Mindset

In this episode I talk to Kevin Cottam.

Kevin has had an illustrious past. He was an elite choreographer for World and Olympic Figure Skating Champions; directing and choreographing multi-million dollar international touring stationary figure skating shows and the 1988 Calgary Olympic Closing Ceremonies.

He then wrote a leadership book, entitled The Nomadic Mindset where along with conversations with over 100 executives and he studied and lived with nomadic tribes in Mongolia, the Maasai in Kenya, Berbers of the Sahara in Southern Morocco - gleaming from them their ancient wisdom and how it can be adapted for today’s needs.

In this episode I explore with Kevin three main topics, namely,

  • The dominant mindset today
  • How to apply a nomadic mindset to modern life
  • And how to experience what Kevin calls migrating to expansion

Find out more about Kevin:


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